Best Photo Editing Software of 2018-1

Best Free Photo Editing Software of 2018 for your PC!

Make your Ordinary image into a Stunning masterpiece with Best Free Photo Editing Software

We all have hundreds of photos stored in your phone’s MicroSD card or in our personal computers. But are all of them can be called great photos? With our best free photo editing software, you can get the most out of your photos. By doing some simple editing, your photos can look stunning and worth to be shared to social media.

If you are looking for the best Photoshop alternatives, then you are in the right place. With the software listed below, you can do some fundamental works which can take your photos to another level. If some tweaks like Instagram style editing, simple cropping, adding effects or filters can do the job for you, then follow our Best Free Photo Editing Software of 2018 for your PC! I can guarantee that, you’ll like them when editing your photos.

Best Photo Editing Software of 2018-2

  1. GIMP
A free photo editing software that can be a rival to many premium ones.
GIMP Photo editing software

GIMP Photo editing software

If you love Adobe Photoshop, then you’ll love this GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program). I guess GIMP is the most powerful and versatile photo editing software. Feature packed, no ads and Photoshop-like interface will easily catch your attention right away. A lot of image enhancing tools will let you play with your image. And those tools can only be found on premium software. Good news is, GIMP is getting enriched day by day by adding more features and options.

Created on open source platform and maintained by volunteer developers who are improving the product from around the globe. Once you open GIMP, you’ll instantly notice that it’s really similar to Photoshop. When you open an image in Single-Window mode, all the layouts and, canvases are in Adobe style.

Features like levels, masks, layers, curves are really breathtaking as a free software. Other features like clone stamp, healing tool are great to use also. You can also create custom brushes, apply perspective changes, apply changes to isolated areas with smart selection tools.

GIMP is free to download for both Windows, MAC or Linux.

Download GIMP.

2. Nik Collection


Google Nik Collection Interface

Google Nik Collection Interface

Download this one, and you’ll stumble upon many top quality tools.

Google Nik Collection is really an impressive image processing tools. You’ll just be wowed by seeing the output. If you believe in Google, then you’ll just love the features of this software.

The top feature of this image editing app is, you can get professional quality filters. You can use this app as a plugin or standalone app. As of now, all those plugins are absolutely free. Those individual plugins can do individual editing. Such as Analog Efex Pro can provide vintage aesthetic, Color Efex Pro will provide you the necessary filters for color correction, image retouching and many more. HD Efex Pro will let you create HDR photos. Down below, we’ve collected all the links to download these plugins.

  • Analog Efex Pro provide vintage aesthetic.
  • Color Efex Pro will provide you the necessary filters for color correction, image retouching and many more.
  • HD Efex Pro let you create HDR photos.
  • Silver Efex Pro specialized in Black & White image.
  • Viveza the color and tone can be enhanced without filters.
  • Sharpener Pro helps users bring out hidden details.
  • Dfine improves images by reducing the noise.

Here is just an example of a plugin, Sharpener Pro. See it yourself what it can do to your image,

Sharpener Pro Plugin For Nik Collecion

Sharpener Pro Plugin For Nik Collection                                                                                                                                ©  Adespresso

The main downside of this app is, if you edit any image with this as a standalone app, then the original image will be overwritten. Another one is, Google has limited any update or new features for this image editing app. So this can be very frustrating for any existing or new Nik Collection user. And for this particular reason, this app is placed at no.2 in our Free Photo Editing Software of 2018 countdown.

(What is a Standalone app? It is a program which doesn’t need any operating system’s service to run. It runs individually. So these apps can be open and run without installing it on the PC. As a result, you won’t see this app in the Program list.)

Google Nik Collection is free to download for both Windows, MAC.

Download Google Nik Collection

3. PhotoScape

A beginner choice to be a Master in photo editing
Photoscape Photo editor

Photoscape Photo editor

Photoscape, a great photo editing app that will let you convert the RAW file. I think this is the most important factor to choose Photoscape over other image editing apps. At first glance, this tool seems like a simple, baby type photo editing app, but when you explore the menu of it, you’ll start to understand the main power of it. If you want a fancy look of your image, then you’ll get it from this app. Or if you want a professional look, you’ll also have the features from it.

Photo splitting, photo merging, and GIF animator are some cool features that you can get out of this app. But the main downside of this app is the interface. It’s very hazy I guess. All the tools are showcased in an odd configuration. Obviously, this type of configuration looks unique and they didn’t try it copy Photoshop. So if a beginner wants to try this app for the first time, he/she could face some problem, but after working with it, everything goes fine and easy. Despite the odd interface calibration, it tool is really a handy Free Photo Editing Software offering some solid features and potential.


Best Free Photo Editing Software of 2018 for your PC!
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Best Free Photo Editing Software of 2018 for your PC!
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