Best Free Video Editing Software

Best FREE Video Editing Software for Windows 10 PC.

Best FREE Video Editing Software for Windows 10 PC to make your videos more shining!

You don’t need a bunch money to pay in order to create a great video using a great video. Because we are here providing you the best FREE Video Editing Software for Windows 10 PC! Whether you are a PRO or an Amateure doing your first video editing, some awesome video editing software is still for free!

Why you need a video editor! Oh! no! Isn’t that a silly question to ask? You may want to add external background music in your video or you may want to cut your video into pieces, you may need to add subtitles or you may merge video files together. If you want to do all these kinds of stuff, you’ll need a hand of video editing software that can do all these in seconds!

Though not all software is committed to delivering you professional features. You got to pay some bucks for it. If you choose free, then obviously you got to sacrifice some features. But here we tried our best to find the best free video editing software for your Windows 10 PC. Here we’ve arranged some all rounded free video editing software that delivers their promises, without any compromise.

Lighteoom. The best free video editing software for Windows 10 PC.

Lightworks. The best free video editing software for Windows 10 PC that can replace Windows Movie Maker.   ©


A Semi-Pro quality software for FREE!
Good for:

> Some PRO editing feature

> Lightweight

> Real-time preview

> Easy to use interface and powerful VFX panel

> Export videos directly to Youtube or Vimeo

Bad for:

> Export video quality limited to only 720p. No 1080p!

> Crashes a bit

> Very little guided wizard

> Need to be refined

Lightworks, an old name in Video editing game but lacks the power of the word, ‘Brand’. Maybe that’s why this software isn’t that spread outed in the community. But only because it doesn’t have the brand name, it’s not true that it shouldn’t have the priority. This free editor has kept a lot of its promises to compete with a PRO one.

Actually, Lightworks is a more than simple software. It’s not only for applying a filter to your video or combining 2s into 1. Even Hollywood filmmakers use it. As it is a powerful editor, you don’t expect to learn this overnight. If a 720p output doesn’t bother you ten Lightworks is a solid choice for you. In order to use it, Lightworks will allow you to test their software for 7 days. Then you have to register for it on the Lightworks website. So the bottom line is, if you want to have a taste of a Freemium video editing software, our top pic is Lightwaorks. From our end, Lightworks is the no 1 FREE Video Editing Software for Windows 10 PC.

Shotcut. A great free video editing software

Shotcut. And open source platform to create a great movie!                                                                     ©

2. Shotcut

An open source video editing platform to provide prosumer-level video editing.
Good for:

> Modular Interface to manage the workflow more easily.

> Pro level filters to use both for audio and video

> Great range of Import and Export video formats

> Very powerful and feature rich


Bad for:

> Low accessibility to official tutorial or documentation

> No social exporting option 

>  Lacks some fleshy filter or effects that others offer

> Not user-friendly like other software in the market

Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, the joy of video editing becomes real when you explore the real interface hidden under the View setting menu. After revealing the real interface of the complexity of movie making, you’ll obviously love Shotcut. Shotcut let you add videos of multiple resolutions, formatted and frame rate. You can also add audio and videos from your webcam. Features include in Shotcut are, multiple filters, color correction (three-way color wheel), a variety of transition, blending modes and filters, speed effects for audio and video.

Alongside all these benefits, Shotcut also has some downsides also. The main downside is lack of documentation despite an open source software. While supporting a range of video formats, this software doesn’t have social media video sharing option on Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo. In our view, Shotcut takes the second position of FREE Video Editing Software for Windows 10 PC.


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