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  • Cambridge Analytica approximately have 87 Million user’s data! – Facebook Data Leak.
Cambridge Analytica approximately have 87 Million user's data! - Facebook Data Leak.

Cambridge Analytica approximately have 87 Million user’s data! – Facebook Data Leak.

Facebook Data Leak. It’s more than 37 Million users than previously reported.

Facebook data leak has gone a step higher when Facebook officially reported that, they believe almost 87 million user data have been shared with Cambridge Analytica. And the amount is more than 37 million than previously reported.

In a blog post, Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer, Mike Schroepfer focused on Facebook’s plan on restricting user data access on social media. Since two weeks Facebook is trying hard to look at the applications as well as Facebook itself that eat up the user’s information. As a result, over the coming months, users will experience some changes in Facebook Privacy issue.

Country list of Facebook affected user's

Country list of Facebook user’s information improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica.                       © Facebook

Countries affected by it:

According to the graph, we can see that the most affected users are from the US (about 70.6 million). And rest of them are from other countries like Philipines, the UK, Canada, India, and Australia.

In a post, Facebook said that “We do not know precisely what data the app shared with Cambridge Analytica or exactly how many people were impacted.”. “Using as expansive a methodology as possible, this is our best estimate of the maximum number of unique accounts that directly installed the thisisyourdigitallife app as well as those whose data may have been shared with the app by their friends.

This clears that Facebook actually doesn’t know certain affected users. But they know the actual number of affected users. Recently after the Facebook Data Leak, they said they’ll inform individual users whether they are affected by Cambridge Analytica data acquisition. In the coming update, users will be able to click on a link at the top of their News Feed. In that link, users will know what app they authorized with their account. And they’ll also know what information will those applications collect. And later user can delete or unauthorize those apps.


In yesterday’s blog post, Facebook mentioned about some big changes. It includes, what kind of information an app can get from a user even if the user gives permission.

What a user will see if he'she is affected by Facebook data leak.

What a user will see if he’she is affected by Facebook data leak.                       © Facebook

Here is what changes are coming soon,

Event API:

Until yesterday people could grant app permission to let the app know who is hosting or participating the event. By doing this it was easy to add an event to a calendar, ticketing or other apps. So by doing this, any app can see the attendance and private posts of that particular event. But from today Facebook is limiting the access to any app. From today any app using the Event API will no longer see the attendance and posts about any events.

Groups API:

Currently, app asks permission from any public or closed group admins to access group contents. And these apps help the admin to easily post and respond to the content like commenting and accepting any content to the public or closed/secret groups. So these apps can have the permission to access group member and their conversations. From now all these apps who use Groups API will have to have Facebook’s and Admin’s permission so that they can ensure the benefits to the group.

Pages API:

Until yesterday, apps using Pages API had access to a page’s posts, comments, and users. This helped the page owners to do something like scheduling a post or commenting or messaging. From now, those apps who use Page API will have to grant Facebook’s permission to provide useful service to the community without spying.

Facebook Login:

Facebook will put all apps under the microscope who want the permission to access user’s likes, videos, check-ins, posts,  photos, events, and groups. Although this process started long ago in 2014. But now Facebook is tightening the review process and strict requirements to allow any app to access all these. Facebook will also disallow those apps who access user’s religion, political views, work history, education, friend list, music listening, news reading, book reading, video watching activity, game activity.

Search and Account Recovery:

Until yesterday, people could search for a person’s phone number or email address to find a person in the Facebook search. Indeed it helped to find the right person having the same name. In Bangladesh, 7% searches are made to help find the right person. But it had some bad effects too. The wrong person misused this feature to affect by submitting phone number or email information that they have gone through search and account recovery. This option is also changed for yesterday.

Call and Text History:

The user using Messenger or Facebook lite on Android have the call and text history. It’s an inevitable feature of the Facebook or Messenger app. After a recent review, Facebook has confirmed that they aren’t storing any content of messages. And they delete messages that are older than a year.

Indeed, we think that after the Cambridge Analytica massacre, Facebook is taking the right steps to bring their user back to their community and make them trust Facebook.



Cambridge Analytica approximately have 87 Million user's data! - Facebook Data Leak.
Article Name
Cambridge Analytica approximately have 87 Million user's data! - Facebook Data Leak.
Cambridge Analytica approximately have 87 Million user's data! - Facebook Data Leak.