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  • Motorola is on SHAKE again as the Motorola President steps down.
Sergio Buniac. New President of Motorola Mobility.

Motorola is on SHAKE again as the Motorola President steps down.

Is it the beginning of the END for Motorola?

Motorola President steps down is now a reality. A hint like ‘Motorola to layoffs 200 employees in Chicago‘ is an indication. An indication that clarifies, Lenovo is literally killing the Motorola Mobility under their acquisition. And today, Motorola Mobility has faced another major SHAKE. On a blog post today Motorola has announced that, their President, Aymar de Lencquesaing has stepped down from the company replacing Sergio Buniac.

Sergio Buniac. New President of Motorola President.

Sergio Buniac. © Motorola Blog

Quitting from the Motorola Moto X5 project, it’s obvious that, Motorola is going through some tumultuous time since 2 years. Working as a Motorola president for 2 years, Aymar de Lencquesaing excused his retirement to give more time to his family. The planning started to grow at the beginning of this year.He specified it by saying, “to spend less time on a plane and more time doing the things I love outside of work – like spending time with family.” For sure it is a big blow for the company. But as we know, Motorola is struggling a bit with their company’s reputation and profit. Though serving for 20 years for Motorola company, Sergio Buniac migh be the one who can bring back the old days of Motorola.

Press release outcomes

According to the press release from Moto blog, it said that, Motorola is in the number 2 position in the Latin American market. Since the last 3-4 years, they tried to spread their business to the South-East Asia. As we can say that they are doing very well in the India’s market. The Moto G5 series was a great hit in that region. But still being a year end phone, Moto G5 series is selling well enough!

Motorola realized about it’s ups and downs for recent years so they quoted in their blog post that, “We realize we’ve had a great deal of transformation over the past years.” ” we’re grateful for our fans’ support and commitment.” In that blog post, they also said that the company is in safe hand and he is the right choice to lead the company to the right spot.

Working as a President since 2016, Aymar de Lencquesaing worked for Lenovo EMEA as President since 2014-2015. In their blog post Motorola cleared one more thing. In the next month they are planning to announce their next series of phones. From the leak most probably it’ll be Moto G series or Moto E5 Plus line up.

Motorola is on SHAKE again as the Motorola President steps down.
Article Name
Motorola is on SHAKE again as the Motorola President steps down.
Aymar de Lencquesaing, retired president of Motorola and giving a big shake to the company.