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Moto G6 Review.

 Moto G6 Review: The budget king is back with an 18:9 display and dual camera.

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By the time you take Moto G6 in your hand, it’ll give you a feel of a flagship phone. Though it’s not a flagship, you’ll not miss the taste of a flagship. The lackings will overcome with some great features like fast charging, an 18:9 great display, NFC connectivity, great camera along with some tweaks on it. In one word, the next generation G-series is back again with the crown of Mid-ranger in its head.

Since 2013, with the Moto G series, Motorola has managed to put their mark on the Mid-Range or Budget smartphone segment. From the Moto G3 to the Moto G5 series, all the models from these series became so much popular and loved by so many people. That’s why Moto G series can be considered as the standard for affordable yet handy smartphones. Every year Motorola aims to bring high-end features to their low-end to Mid-range phones without costing a fortune.

Good for:

> Low price tag

> Great dual camera with some features

> Great display

> Premium design


Not so good for:

> Low-end Processor

> Not waterproof

> Slow  camera

> Poor software support


Last week, Motorola has brought Moto G6 to the scene. In the last several months, we’ve seen many high-end smartphones like LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Huawei P20/Pro having an 18:9 display. Now Moto G6 is offering you a gorgeous 18:9 display at a less price tag. But it’s not the first time that a low-budget smartphone has offered an 18:9 display. Alcatel 5 is the first contender of 18:9 display at £100 price point.

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Moto G6 review image 3                                                                                                                                   © TrustedReviews

When we think about a great feature of a flagship phone, then a dual camera setup obviously comes to our mind first. Moto G6 also has a dual camera sensor on the back. Now, what about the Fast charging option? Yes, it also has the Turbocharging to boost the phone’s charging. There are also other features available on Moto G6 that only can be found on high-end phones. So, Moto G6 will be a perfect phone to have for those who want all these high-end features on a tight budget.

Pricing and Availability

The Moto G6 is already on sale in Brazil. Moto lover from the UK will have to wait until the first week of May. Moto G6 will hit the US market at some point in May. But India may be getting this phone at a delay. Expected date is supposed to be July 18.

The standard version of Moto G6 (3 GB RAM, 32 GB Internal Storage) will be priced at £219 or $249.

Design and Display

Having a greater display than the Moto G5 series, the Moto G6 has a gorgeous full HD+ 5.7 inch panel with a resolution of 1,080 x 2,160. It’s curved, it’s more vibrant and it’s a 3D glass back design. The display design has improved drastically from the older G series. An 18:9 expect ratio, IPS LCD display will do the job even under direct sunlight easily.

Moto G6 Display Review.

Moto G6 Display                                                                                                                                   © TrustedReviews

With the Moto G6 display, you’ll get an HD+ LCD panel. That means this display resolution is higher than the regular HD display. And it became possible because of the taller display panel. Though it’ll not give you the taste of high-end phone display. But when considering the price, you are getting the best in class. In order to have an 18:9 aspect ration, a much larger display can be placed on a respectively smaller body. So display bezel shrinks down and make the phone easier to hold and handle.

Moto G6 image - back part

Moto G6 image – back part                                                                                                                         ©

Because the back is made of 3D glass, so the back of the phone looks shiny and premium. But unlike all those glass back phones, this phone also attracts fingerprint. You’ll get 4 variants of color option like Deep Indigo, Silver, and Blush color options.

Just like the previous Moto G5 Plus, this model also has a curve on the back. But this time, Moto has decided to make the curve smoother. As a result, Moto G6 is more comfortable to hold. All the curvy back and glossy front are backed up by an aluminum frame. Motorola has said that this phone is splash-proof but not fully water-proof. So, be aware of taking it to the water, because it has not IP rating. Yet another welcome feature is included on the bottom of the phone. And it’s a USB Type-C charging port. Along with it, a 3.5 mm Headphone jack will leave you tension free for your audio thirst.

Moto G6 image - Bottom part

Moto G6 image – Bottom part                                                                         © TechRadar 

Now let’s come to the fingerprint sensor. Just like older G-series, this time also Moto has placed their fingerprint sensor in the front, just below the display. The fingerprint sensor is fast enough to unlock the phone in milliseconds and accurate enough to open it 9 out of 10 times.


  • 12MP and 5MP Dual Camera
  • 12MP for regular camera shooting and  5MP for dept sensing portrait mode shooting
  • 8MP Front-facing camera
Moto G6 Camera

Moto G6 Camera                                                                                                                                               © ExpertReviews

Maybe the camera is the biggest talk for this Moto G6 phone. With a great design, good display and flagship-level features, will the Moto G6 hold the crown again for the budget camera king? But, a price tag like £219, honestly you can’t demand a greater camera than this one. As we said, having a dual camera setup, this will give greater and more accurate portrait images, no doubt about that. With an aperture of f/1.8 and phase detection autofocus, low light performance is not on the bad side, nor on the best side. But the sad news is, this camera duo will not give you a telephoto or wide angle images like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or LG G6. It’ll only give you a portrait photo with bokeh effect on the background. And this job is done perfectly by the Moto G6.

© imgur

Photos taken with Moto G6, will not impress you if you compare them against the Huawei P20 or Samsung Galaxy S8. But considering the price, it can beat a lot of its competitors. Photos taken with the Auto mode came out pretty good. But not good enough to take it into the professional level. It is more appropriate to share the photos to social media or to the friends and family. The biggest problem considering the camera is the image capturing speed. The camera app tends to be a little slow while shooting back to back pictures which lead to some irritating experience.

  • Moto G6 camera comparing with Sony XA2 - 1
    Moto G6 camera comparing with Sony XA2 - 1

As we said earlier, the main camera of Moto G6 is 12 MP having the aperture of f/1.8. The secondary camera is 5 MP having the aperture of f/2.2. The secondary camera will only come into action when using the Portrait mode. Otherwise, it stays idle. Yet, this phone has amazed us while using the Portrait shot. The bokeh was great keeping the edges sharp and clear.

The most exciting feature of the portrait mode of this camera is, you can play with it! You can change the background blur value after taking the photo. But the foreground keeps the same. Also, you can add some effects like making the background black and white to pop up the foreground or subject. Another cool effect is, after taking the photo, you can fully change the background and merge the subject to another image. Here is what we are talking about,

  • Moto G6 Camera portrait mode making background black and white
    After making the background Black and White after taking the first shot
© TechRadar

With that portrait photos, you can’t capture a masterpiece but you also got to look at the price point. The camera software also has an image recognition software which is capable of understanding the photos of objects. Such as landmarks, foods, city monuments etc. You can either get some particular subject’s detail information from the Wikipedia page or suggestion on where to buy a certain object.

The 5 MP front-facing camera is just Okay! Not that mind-blowing image or selfie can be captured by its front-facing camera. Some fancy features are there for the selfie game like cat face or bunny ears. But this feature is on the experimental process. So using this emoji feature is a bit time taker.

Moto G6 Camera interface

Moto G6 Camera interface                                                                                                                                     © TrustedReviews

Now let me take you to the video segment. With the rear camera, you can capture video at up to 1080p.  An average video quality output is seen, not any fancy quality. But it’ll do the job done actually. Another cool video feature is there, and it’s the Slow-Mo video capturing option. It’ s not Super Slow-Mo like Sony Xperia XZ2, only Slow-Mo without the word, Super. A Slow-Mo at 60fps. But the footage actually looks good! Crisp and steady enough.

Performance and Battery.

Having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450- an Octa Core 14 nano-meter chipset, Moto G6 isn’t actually equipped with a mid-performer chipset. It has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of build in storage. Not a powerful fancy processor is obviously lacking for this phone. I hoped for at least a Snapdragon 600 series processor for this phone.

Moto G6 CPU performance.

Moto G6 Graphics performance.                                 [Benchmarked by]

Moto G6 graphic performance.

Moto G6 CPU performance.                                  [Benchmarked by]

By monitoring the CPU performance above, you can clearly see that the Moto G6 is ahead of both Moto G5 and G5S. So it is a clear indication that Moto G6 is ahead of its old brothers. It defeated them both in Single Core and Multi-Core test. The graphics performance is also better than those two phones. But you shouldn’t expect to play high graphical or high frame rate games on this device. It is easily understandable that, Snapdragon 450 isn’t a groundbreaking chipset at all to handle the high graphical game.

All these machines are backed up by a 3,000 mAh battery. It survived the whole day with a moderate use. But when playing video, it lasted just over 10 hours. But day to day moderate use will be not that much issue with Moto G6.


A stunning budget phone. Great display, eye-catching design, great camera, awesome camera features. One step ahead of its competitors for sure! It has its limitations but those are dealbreakers. Taste of Stock Android will be loved by many Android lovers. Capable of capturing wonderful wonderful images, the Moto G6 is our editor’s choice for the candidate of Mid-Rangers’s crown. It was fun doing Moto G6 review.

Processor Octa-core 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
Screen size 5.7in
Screen resolution 2,160 x 1,080
Screen type IPS
Front camera 8-megapixel
Rear camera 12-megapixel, 5-megapixel
Flash LED
Compass Yes
Storage (free) 32/64GB
Memory card slot (supplied) microSD
Wi-Fi 802.11ac
Bluetooth 4.2
Wireless data 802.11ac
Dimensions 153.8 x 72.3 x 8.3 mm
Weight 167g
Operating system Android 8.0
Battery size 3,000 mAh


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