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Cookies policy

What the heck are Cookies?

If you are not sure that what Cookies are we talking about then you must be asking yourself that what are Web Cookies? Are it baked Cookies? Actually it’s not baked, it’s a very small text file which are coded to send it to your personal computer or mobile device so that the web browser can remember that activity and information about your web browsing. The Cookie will also collect the data when you are reading our website about your activity with our site, the IP address of your site, the browser you are using and if you’ve come to our site via other site, then the link of that site will be collected.

Cookies Policy

In this Cookies Policy, we are going to explain that how uses Cookies. We are at 100% to protect your personal data. We can guaranty you that, when you use or visiting our website, we don’t provide or sell your browser’s Cookies data to any other Third Party Software, Website or any groups.

We use the Cookies to help our-self for revenue with online advertisers.

If you want to know more about us, then see our About Us page. And see our Terms and Conditions for our website’s rules and considerations.

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