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Google Play Instant games

Introducing Google Play Instant. Play first and Download later!

Google Play Instant.

Google Play Instant games

Google Play Instant games for Clash Royale, Mighty Battles, Final Fantasy XV- A New Empire.

Announcing yesterday (19.03.2018), a google blog post introduced us to Google Play Instant, a faster way to try and later download a game from Google Play Store.

Ever wondered to play a demo version of a game and then download it later? G.Play Instant is now here to make you do it. Similar to Android Instant Apps, it will let you try a game before downloading it into your device.

Jonathan Karmel, Senior Project Manager of Google Play Instant quoted that, “This feature will not give user the full juice of a game. Instead of it, user can enjoy playing a small version of that particular game.” Some will offer a full tutorial of a game, some will let you play an entire level of a game or some game will be virtually played by a bot instead of a user. Karmel also said that, “It’s not the full game, but it does capture the full experience.”

Full collection of Google Play Instant so far.

The full collection of Google Play Instant Games so far.

We’ve also got this news that, Google Play Instant will not only restricted to the Google Play Store, but also it’ll be available through Social Media posts and ads. This Social Media or Ads promotions will help Game Developers to reach out to more users. Karmel said that, “Google Play Instant is all about letting the developers get more chance to get more users into their games.” He also quoted that, “Google is already seeing an increase in acquisitions from users who might have given up downloading a game had they not had a chance to play it first.”

Google Play Instant Games

Google Play Instant Games preview

GIF Credit © Google Blog

Space to Grow

Though G. Play Instant is in a limited space, with only eight developers working on this beta project. They are developing relevant tools that’ll help game developers to develop a Instant gaming experience. “We’re working hard to make sure any developer can develop an instant app,” Karmel said. Google might be planning to open the official curtain of Google Play Instant at the Google IO 2018 and we’ll later know more about the Instant process.

Right now Android users can only enjoy Google Play Instant on Mighty Battles, Bubble Witch 3 Saga, Clash Royal, Panda Pop, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, Solitaire.

So now how to access Google Play Instant? Just head to Instant Gameplay in the Google PlayStore, or in the Arcade section of the dedicated Google Play Games app.

Final Fantasy XV: A new Empire on Google Play Instant.

Loading Final Fantasy XV: A new Empire on Google Play Instant.

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