3D Rendre of Huawei's upcoming 5G phone


So what 3D Rendering actually is?

Ok, guys, much of us don't know what rendering kind of thing actually is. We don't know it but we see it everyday in our everyday life. Look at the Television at first. Science fiction movies like Terminator, Matrix, Avengers, Iron Man... you name it. They are all made with the help of 3D Architectural Rendering. Without this technology, the movie industry will be like BLACK & WHITE. So what is this technology? I'll debug this question in the later part of this article. But for now, let's know that where we see this technology hovering our eyes without our knowing.

3D Architectural Rendering is a form of graphic design. In this form, designers process to visualize the imaging. They create many materials like buildings, shapes, shades, light, dark shadows and many real things but with the help of computer 3D program.

What do you think about these 2 images on the left? See them closely. Can you figure out if these images are real or not? If you think they are real, then you are wrong. They are made with 3D Rendering Services. What they do is, they take a 2D design sketch of that particular image and align them in the right order. And then they play with light & shadows. By putting all this information in an architectural rendering software like V-Ray, 3D Max. Then they work with the light & shadow and put them where they need. In a simple word, architectural visualization is a presentation of a house, a room, an interior or a Mobile Device in a three dimentional way.

3D Rendering in Mobile Industry

If you are a Mobile enthusiast, then you should follow many mobile phone related news in various social media or websites. Sometimes you see some news like, 'Upcoming X phone's 3D Render images are live or leaked'. Now those futuristic and yet to be released version of phones are made out of 3D Architectural rendering. There are many companies who provide 3D rendering services who create those rendered images of the mobile phone.

Truly those images look like just real life! It happens because 3d rendering uses light & shadow so spectacularly that no one could differ it. So because of this technology, we can see the future. We can see what will be there on a specific mobile phone. What feature is new and what has gone out! So, thanks to this brilliant technology for making us see our next phone today which is going to be released tomorrow.

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