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Huawei 6G

5G is too old! Huawei has started working on 6G!

Huawei confirmed that they have started their research and working on 6G in its Ottawa Lab, Canada. One of Canadian Economic Press named The Logic confirmed that in one of their Press Release. Another trusted Canadian news provider iPhone In Canada also confirmed us that the research is happening.

Though, even 5G network is not available in Canada, The Logic stated that,

The Chinese tech giant is exploring 6G even before 5G technology is commercially available, and before the Canadian government has made a decision on whether telecommunications firms will be allowed to use Huawei’s equipment in building out their new networks across the country.

Huawei is in the early stages of researching 6G technology at its Kanata, Ont. lab, and is in talks with Canadian university researchers about working on development of the next-generation wireless system. The Chinese telecommunications company’s plans come as the federal government is deciding on whether to allow the company’s equipment in Canada’s 5G networks.

-- The Logic

According to The Logic, Huawei confronted to them saying that, they have already started the 6G research at its Kanata, Ontario center. Huawei also started their discussion and planning on 6G with some Canadian researchers.

Song Zhang, the Vice-President of the 6G research strategy said that,

5G is very new, and looking at 6G is part of the so-called 5G evolution.

He also said that, their Ottawa R&D lab will lead Huawei's development of 6G worldwide.

But it is still not known whether the Canadian government will allow Huawei to operate their 5G operation or not in their country. Till now Huawei is not allowed to ship 5G network equipment in Canada due to Canada's close relationship with the US.


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